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Being Real
A couple days ago I went on a bit of a rant on Facebook, spurred on by a very disappointing conversation I had with a bike shop owner. I felt like it deserved a little elaboration, especially as it relates to my recent joining of the LTP family.
The guy was telling me about a professional triathlete he had let stay in his home before 70.3 Oceanside. He asked the athlete about a particular company that they were sponsored by, and the athlete told him "Oh I don't actually use that. I don't like it at all."
I was blown away.
How anyone can possibly accept money from companies that they don't believe in is completely beyond me. It's complete BS. In a sport where high level support is precious, that person was taking away an opportunity from athletes who actually like/need that product and making it impossible for the rest of us to convince fans/consumers/peers that we're not full of shit. Sacrificing integrity and honesty isn't worth the money, and it hurts everyone.
I'm incredibly proud of the companies that I work with and view each one through the lens of the relationships that I've been with specific people in those companies. For better or worse, it's never just business for me. It's personal and I would go to bat for each and every one of my sponsors. This is why I was psyched to become a part of LTP. I had a bunch of back and forth with Ben through texts, emails, and phone calls, and was super impressed with his hustle, passion, and desire to do everything 110% of the way. I identify with that, respect it, and I feel like his energy is pervasive through the brand. It stokes me out!
Thanks Ben, and thanks to the whole LTP family; I'm looking forward to some good times and doing whatever I can to share the stoke. You're all rad as hell 
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