Favorite Kit?

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What is your favorite TRI suit ???

As most of you know I have a ton of kits! What can I say, I like fashion.


When I started triathlon training I did not know much about what to wear or the way it was supposed to feel and fit. Most of my kits were cycling bibs and jerseys as I had started on a road bike.  I stuck to the more luxurious offerings of my local bike shop where they immediately recognized me as a gear guy. Each visit I was introduced to the latest and greatest in apparel and with a fair amount of fun and exciting designs. As my first race approached I realized I needed the appropriate uniform. Since my local shop did not specialize in triathlon I turned to the internet to geek out and buy my first TRI suit!

I didn’t buy one, I bought five. I picked up something from each of the names I recognized from online reviews and magazines. Castelli, TYR, De Soto, 2XU, and the list goes on and on. When I’m in, it's all in. I was determined to find not only the best functioning suit but the best looking. Somewhat of a challenge in the triathlon world. Every time a new suit would arrive I would take it for a spin, model it for my wife, and decide the pros and cons. In her opinion, I was spending a lot of money to look extremely goofy. I ended up in Castelli for my first race.

At some point in my shopping spree, I had purchased a couple Love the Pain hats. I found them to be fantastic for running. After posting a photo in the LTP hat I had received a direct message! It was Ben, reaching out about their triathlon kits and the possibilities of custom apparel. In all honesty, I had looked at their suits previously and had them on the radar. Ben was kind enough to personally take my order and get me a kit out right away. Upon arrival, I was quite impressed with the quality, the aesthetic, and the function! I was sold. I called Ben immediately and asked for more suits. I wanted to buy every design he had. The problem was that he had only two or three designs. It was not enough for me.

I started to not only ride in the tri kits but run in them as well. Weird? Maybe. I found them to have the right storage for my training needs and to be comfortable. So why not… That's when Ben said let's do custom. I thought that meant taking an existing design and adding my name or a logo. I was not understanding CUSTOM. He rejected my simple requests and said I MEAN CUSTOM. Whatever you can think of I can put on the fabric. AAAHHHH I got it. I am a fan of custom. I had many custom things in my life from motorcycles to cars and now my very own TRI suit!

As Ben and I dug into creating fun and inspired suit options he continued to tweak each and every suit. Each order he would make an adjustment and ask me for feedback. I was now in an ever-evolving kit. The process spawned various suits throughout the evolution process. As I progressed in the season and the length of races was changing from Olympic to Ironman my needs changed in terms of comfort and storage. I asked Ben if he could combine my two favorite suits to date, The Full Unzip and the Speedstream. “Of Course” Ben replied. My request was less than a week from Ironman Santa Rosa. I had packed four Speedstream kits not sure which I would race in. The day before the race I received a box to my hotel. Ben had created a new masterpiece. The FREEMOTION. He did it! He gave me the best of both worlds. I couldn’t have asked for a better suit.

That is my favorite suit which I will wear again this weekend at Ironman 70.3 Super Frog. What is yours?

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