Start 2020

Start 2020

It's that time of the year when we mentally sit back and start thinking what can we achieve in 2020. As athletes we all have some level of self-drive that have made us who we are today, we make choices everyday that may or may not takes us in the direction of that cool yearly goal of ours. 

Having goals is great, it’s motivating to aim for something, in fact without goals we are lost, but being persistent with a goal IS FAR GREATER. You see, the only thing that separates you from going from Point A to point B is TIME. Time is being patient, being persistent, is love the process, is enjoying “the trip” to Point B. And unfortunately in our modern living days we as a humans are encourage to reduce time, from fast-food, from microwaves, from instant coffee, from traveling fast, the internet, fast diets, etc. Seems like everything is better when is quick and faster, and therefore we unconsciously are prone to tolerate less the wait time. 

Some things in life cannot be rushed, and our fitness goals are one of them, we are used to see pictures in social media of people that inspire us and it’s easy to not see the hard work that goes behind the scenes, the many days, months and YEARS that take to achieve this precious goals that inspire us, its easy to drop the ball and be discourage when we expect results in the short term. 

Loving the journal is “loving the pain” to get from Point A to Point B, if you put your heart in loving this time, it’s instant gratification, because you don’t have to wait to get to Point B to feel good, In fact; for those who have reached a Point B, the joy is so, SO SHORT that quickly need another Point B to continue moving forward. 

This 2020, make your priority goal to love the journey to get to point B, and let Point B be your secondary goal instead, you will get to point B either way but with far more joy. 


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