"Durango" Men's Performance Run Shorts

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The ultimate performance Run Shorts. Designed and tested by our team and proudly handcrafted in the Love The Pain factory in Los Angeles, California-USA. Made from the finest imported Italian performance materials available.


  • Carefully designed side pockets for easy fuel access POCKETS ON SIDE/LEGS PANELS Even fit an Iphone 7 
  • Venting Mesh side panels positioned for optimal movement and fit
  • Amazing Compression to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Inseam 9"
  • Features Coldblack® technology, the UV and heat rays are reflected to make it feel like you are wearing white instead of black, keeping your body cooler.
"Durango" Men's Performance Run Shorts
"Durango" Men's Performance Run Shorts
"Durango" Men's Performance Run Shorts

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