"RAD" Aero Race Suit (Womens)


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Love The Pain Speed Suit is ideal for long distance races, but awesome for any distance you may be racing.

  • Carefully designed side pockets for easy fuel access POCKETS ON SIDE/LEGS PANELS
  • Venting Mesh aero sleeves positioned for optimal movement and fit
  • Core Compression to improve position on bike and run
  • Features coldblack® technology, the UV and heat rays are reflected to make it feel like you are wearing white instead of black, keeping your body cooler.
  • Chamois constructed from micro-fleece for non bulky comfort
"RAD" Aero Race Suit (Womens)
"RAD" Aero Race Suit (Womens)
"RAD" Aero Race Suit (Womens)
"RAD" Aero Race Suit (Womens)

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